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"I have no challenged children of my own, but, I enjoy spending time with children who have disabilities. It gives you a different appreciation of your own abilities."
- Cindy Hitchcock, Program Director

"I have had a lot of fun playing soccer this year with my teammates. I have got better as we played more games. I made new friends. I enjoyed the new weight lifting program that SACC offered through the Lake Norman YMCA. In baseball this year I even hit some home runs 'Watch out Mark McGuire here comes Chris Stidd.' The most fun I had was being on a baseball team that my dad was able to coach. Thank you to SACC for giving me the opportunity to participate in the sports offered. "
- Chris Stidd, Player

"My goal for our son, Trey, is to be part of his community. He needs to be socially involved in preparation for the future. I want him to have a chance to be a participant in an athletic program and not always the spectator."
- Kim Wise, Founder

"I think SACC is great it really help me out a lot. Since I been in SACC I really have enjoyed every sport. Thanks."
- Rodney Mclaughlin, Player

"SACC has meant a great deal to Joseph. He has blossomed, learning social skills and give and take that he will use from now on. As Joseph's mom the thrill of watching my child participate in team/individual sports is a most precious memory and experience."
- Pamela and Paul Klaene, Parent

"I have great respect for Kim and all the founders of this program. I've had a lot of fun doing this and watching all the kids grow through all the sports I have done. I have helped with basketball, bowling, and baseball. To see all the children grow and get better at every practice or game is a real thrill. I know they have made new friendships and I have made new friendships through this program."
- Dan Pignatello, Buddy